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New Chairman for FOBS

On Monday, 11 November 2013 at the AGM, Sarah Thomas was elected as Chairman after Jane Quibell stepped down having serving her three-year term of office.

FOBS Day Trip 12 August 2013 - Breezy Knees Gardens and Yorkshire Lavender

Breezy Knees cottage garden - L Denial
Breezy Knees - Cottage Garden
L. Denial, 2013
Breezy Knees pond - L Denial
Breezy Knees - Pond
L. Denial, 2013
2013-08-12 Yorkshire Lavender - J Stirling
Yorkshire Lavender
J. Stirling, 2013

FOBS Holiday, June 2013

1 Spetchley Park - H Cossham
Spetchley Park
H. Cossham, 2013
2 Stone House Cottage - H Kohler
Stone House Cottage
H. Kohler, 2013
3 Morville Hall - H Kohler
Morville Hall
H. Kohler, 2013
4 Much Wenlock - H Kohler
Much Wenlock
H. Kohler, 2013
5 David Austen Roses - H. Cossham
David Austen Roses - Rosa 'De Meaux'
H. Cossham, 2013
6 Hampton Court Castle  - H. Kohler
Hampton Court Castle
H. Kohler, 2013
7 Stockton Bury Gardens - H Kohler
Stockton Bury Gardens
H. Kohler, 2013
8 Jessamine Cottage - H Cossham
Jessamine Cottage
H. Cossham, 2013
9 Wollerton Old Hall - H Kohler
Wollerton Old Hall
H. Kohler, 2013
10 Hodnet Hall - H Cossham
Hodnet Hall
H. Cossham, 2013
11 Windy Ridge - H Kohler
Windy Ridge H. Kohler, 2013
12 Trentham - H Cossham.jpg
Trentham Gardens
H.Cossham, 2013

In Memory of Meg Jullien

A tree-planting ceremony was held on Tuesday, 25 June, in honour of our long-serving member Meg Jullien who worked so hard for the Gardens. An Aesculus californica (Californian Buckeye) was planted in the new California Section of the Mediterranean Garden. Curator, Ian Turner, was assisted by FOBS Chairman, Jane Quibell, and FOBS Editor, Alison Hunter. Many of Meg's friends attended the occasion.
Planting Meg's tree Ian Turner & Jane Quibell
Ian announcing the name of the tree to the onlookers
A. Hunter, 2013
Planting Meg's tree Ian Turner & Jane Quibell
Jane gets on with the planting.
A. Hunter, 2013
Planting Meg's tree Ian Turner & Alison Hunter
Alison finishes off filling in the hole.
J. Quibell, 2013
2013-02-26 Mediterranean Garden
A look back to the 26 February
A. Hunter, 2013
2013-06-25 Mediterranean garden 5.jpg
Mediterranean Garden 25 June
A. Hunter, 2013
Meg's Tree
Meg's Tree - Aesculus californica
A. Hunter, 2013

Amorphophallus konjac

2013-05-21 Amorphophallus konjac 1 - I Turner
I. Turner, 2013
2013-05-21 Amorphophallus konjac 2 - I Turner.jpg
I. Turner, 2013
This impressive plant - Amorphophallus konjac (Devil's Tongue) flowered between 21 and 30 May in the East Dome of the Pavilions. The 'scent' was a pungent 'rotting meat' smell.

FOBS Plant Sale - 5 May 2013

2013-05-05 Plant Sale 1 - Susan Turner
S. Turner, 2013
2013-05-05 Plant Sale 3 - S Turner
S. Turner, 2013
2013-05-05 Plant Sale 4 - S Turner
S. Turner, 2013

Arroll Winning - FOBS Co-founder, Chairman & President

It is with great sadness that the FOBS committee have to report the death of Arroll Winning. Arroll came to Sheffield in 1967 as Parks Manager, becoming Director of the Recreation Department two years later. In the horticultural world he worked on many committees and was an examiner for the Royal Forestry Society, the Royal Horticultural Society and the Institute of Park and Recreational Administration.
In 1984 Arroll and Don Williams (the then Curator) launched the Friends of the Botanical Gardens. Arroll was Chairman for ten years and played a crucial role in the development of the society. After a short break, for health reasons, he took on the role of supervising the Wednesday volunteers. When Don Williams stepped down in 1998, Arroll was elected President of FOBS. He was still attending the Gardens to help the propagation team last September, but resigned from his position as President in late October. Arroll was an inspiration to all who worked with him in the Gardens and his encyclopaedic knowledge of plants was awe-inspiring. He will be greatly missed. (26 February 2013)

Mediterranean Climate Garden (26 February 2013)

2013-02-26 Mediterranean Garden 3 A Hunter Work has started and all the old plantings have now been removed along with the geo-textile membrane that covered the whole of the lower section. The theme of the garden covers the Mediterranean Climate type i.e. areas of the world that have warm wet winters followed by hot dry summers. Plants will be arranged by geographical origin: the Cape of South Africa, Southwest Australia, Coastal Chile, Coastal California and the Mediterranean Basin itself.

Wednesday Morning Volunteers Briefing Day - 16 January 2013

Wednesday Volunteers Briefing Day In spite of snow and perishingly cold temperatures, Curator Ian Turner's Volunteer Briefing Day was well attended. After a short introduction, Ian led the group round the Gardens explaining the plans for the coming gardening year. Pictured here in the Mediterranean garden which is due for a major overhaul this year. For some very hardy flowers blooming on this chilly day please see the Photo Page.


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