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FOBS Christmas cards go on sale

Snow - Sheffield Botanical Gardens Feb 2009 - Meg Jullien This year's Christmas card featuring a beautiful view the pavilions in snow, taken by the late Meg Jullien, are now on sale at the Little Nature Shop in the Botanical Gardens
and at Nether Edge News; Ranmoor Pharmacy, Fulwood Road; Flora, Ecclesall Road;
The Famous Sheffield Shop, Ecclesall Road and Derwent Gallery, Grindleford.
New outlets (4/12/12) Ferndale Garden Centre, Dyche Lane, Coal Aston
and Sheffield City Council Parks & Countryside Office, Meersbrook Park, Brook Street.

Meg Jullien (1931-2012)

It is with great sadness that we report that Meg Jullien died peacefully on Sunday morning, 18th November. A talented photographer she devoted much of her time to the Gardens, particularly in recording the Restoration activities. She worked hard to raise funds for the Gardens, producing high quality greetings cards and other merchandise. She also set up displays, arranged sales through a number of outlets, gave talks, liaised with many organisations and generally promoted the Botanical Gardens across the city. Meg's cheerful smile, professional attitude and quirky sense of humour are sadly missed.

FOBS AGM - Monday, 12 November 2012

At a well attended AGM, it was announced, with regret, that our inspirational President and co-founder of FOBS, Arroll Winning, had tendered his resignation. The Chairman, gave a full and detailed report of FOBS activities throughout the year and the Treasurer gave a reassuring account of fund-raising activities. A new committee was elected - see "FOBS Committee" for more information.

FOBS Plant Sales at Meetings

Plants will be available for purchase by members and visitors before the start of FOBS meetings between April and September.

FOBS visit to The Green, Eckington - 28 July 2012

The Green, Eckington - A Hunter

The Green, Eckington
İA. Hunter, 2012
Another beautiful day for FOBS members to enjoy, this time we had the chance to see a unique, historic Italian water garden designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1916 for Sir George Sitwell. Now privately owned and 4 yrs into restoration to the original plan, the garden features original stonework, rills and water feature with tennis lawn, yew walk and pergola beams with new planting.
Add in the basic FOBS requirement of tea and excellent cakes and scones and the result - another successful outing. We were lucky to have seen this garden as the owners have decided not to open through the Yellow Book Scheme any more.

FOBS visit to Fanshawe Gate Hall, Holmesfield - 24 July 2012

The sun shone, the gardens were beautiful and our hosts, Cynthia and John Ramsden, welcoming and very well informed. Refreshments - delicious. In short the perfect FOBS visit!
FOBS at Fanshawe 1 - A Hunter FOBS at Fanshawe 2 - A Hunter FOBS at Fanshawe 3 - A Hunter
FOBS at Fanshawe 4 - A Hunter FOBS at Fanshawe 5 - A Hunter FOBS at Fanshawe 6 - A Hunter
Fanshawe Gate Hall Gardens
İA. Hunter, 2012

Evolution Garden

Encephalartos - K. Keeton Arrival of Encephalartos -
supervised by Curator Ian Turner
İK. Keeton 2012
Finally! The interpretation boards have been installed and visitors may now follow the development of the plant kingdom from its earliest beginnings.

A cycad, Encephalartos, arrived on 25 May and was placed near the other 'living fossil' Ginkgo biloba. Specimens of palm were planted on 30 May in the lawn near the Liliales bed.

Shrub Trail

Curator Ian Turner led a group of nearly 40 members and visitors on a tour of the Gardens on Tuesday 22 May. He pointed out unusual shrubs, went through the identification key for a few problematic species and warned of some of the hazards, including a kind of Rubus which develops an irritant in direct strong sunshine which can cause misery to susceptible people, (well it was sunny that day - but the usual British weather makes that a very rare occurrence!)

The list of plants observed was as follows:
Akebia X pentaphylla, Rubus spectabilis 'Olympic Double', Calycanthus floridus, Pieris formosana, Buddleja colvillei, Halesia monticola, Tree Paeonies - Paeonia lutea, P. X lemoinei, P. delavayi & P. suffruticosa, Colletia hystrix, , The Rose Garden, Syringa vulgaris - 2 colours one plant, Weigela & Diervilla National Collections, Olearia nummulariifolia, Kerria japonica, K. japonica 'Pleniflora', Fothergilla major, Dipelta floribunda, Elaeagnus angustifolia, Gevuina avellana, Acca sellowiana, Euphorbia mellifera, Humulus lupulus, Schisandra grandiflora, Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'repens', Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii', Rosa 'Canary Bird'.
FOBS Shrub Trail - A. Hunter FOBS Shrub Trail led by Curator Ian Turner in the Evolution Garden
İA. Hunter 2012

FOBS Plant Sale

FOBS Plant Sale May 2012 - A. Hunter Some of the plants available at the start of the sale
İA. Hunter 2012
Sunday 6 May was blessed with pleasant sunshine and crowds arrived to inspect FOBS' offerings. Very soon people were staggering away, laden with bags of plants. Some had come for just one or two 'unusual' plants to fill a special niche, some confessed to having a new border to fill and a few claimed to have a whole new garden to plant. FOBS volunteers were delighted to share their expertise and advise on choices for particular garden conditions - whether it was for shade, full sun, alpine planting or boggy patches.
Special thanks to all FOBS volunteers who helped to make this event such a success, especially our hard-working team of dedicated propagators.

Easy Gardening

Saturday 28 April saw a new venture for FOBS, aimed to encourage inexperienced gardeners to come and have some fun learning new skills. Concentrating on a 'cheap and easy' theme, demonstrations included sowing seed, taking cuttings, sharpening tools, weed identification, green roofs and how to make containers by recycling household objects like cans and old wellies. FOBS volunteers and the Gardens' Curator were on hand to answer questions and the event was so successful that FOBS is planning to hold similar demonstrations in the future.

Snowy Photos

FOBS committee are already looking ahead to Christmas 2012. If you have any wintery photos or artwork of the Botanical Gardens that could be suitable for greeting cards, please email the FOBS Committee
Many thanks.

Wanted - Builders Bags

Has anyone got unwanted builders bags available? The Gardens' staff and volunteers need more to collect garden waste in. Please bring on Wednesday mornings - or even to FOBS meetings.
Thanks - Ian Turner, Curator

FOBS Day Out to Ashwood Nursery

The trip to Ashdown Nursery on 19 March, was a very enjoyable day and the highlight was John's Garden. We arrived late and there were fears of no time for refreshment but fortunately these were unfounded and the selection of scones was delightful. The tour of John's Garden, which has the canal as its boundary, was lovely and took longer than planned partly due to the many questions asked. Described as 'a Garden for all seasons' it has been developing for over 10 years and obviously requires many hours of meticulous weeding and pruning to maintain.
FOBS at Ashwood Nursery 1 - P. Marsh FOBS at Ashwood Nursery 1 - P. Marsh FOBS at Ashwood Nursery 1 - P. Marsh
FOBS at Ashwood Nursery 1 - P. Marsh FOBS at Ashwood Nursery 1 - P. Marsh FOBS at Ashwood Nursery 1 - P. Marsh
John's Garden at Ashwood Nursery.
İP.& M. Marsh

New Patron for the Gardens

The Sheffield Botanical Gardens Trust are very pleased to welcome a new Trustee - Miles Stevenson. Miles is Director of Development at the Alumni Department of the University of Sheffield. He lives near the Gardens and enjoys it with his family. He is enthusiastic about the Trust's aims for its further development. He has different skills and experiences to the current trustees which will be very useful in the coming years.

Wednesday Morning Volunteer Gardeners

FOBS Training Day - A Hunter
Wednesday Morning Volunteers
with Curator Ian Turner in
the Woodland Garden
FOBS Training Day
İA. Hunter, 18 January 2012
The New Year got off to a great start with a good attendance on 18 January. Curator Ian Turner led the meeting with a common sense approach to health and safety - if it's going to hurt - don't do it! Practice risk assessment at all times - no more effort than crossing the road - and do be aware of tool safety at all times, especially when our young visitors are around.
He then led the group on a brief tour of the Gardens pointing out the areas which are scheduled for special attention this year. The Prairie Garden section which had been cleared and sprayed to get rid of perennial weeds, has now been sown with an 'eclectic mix' of both North American and South African plants. More Hamamelis shrubs are due to be planted in the Woodland Garden to create a 'Hamamelis Walk'. Information boards have now been ordered for the trail around the Evolution Garden. Work was very noisily in progress around the Mediterranean Garden with some tree clearance and canopy raising, although the replanting project will not start until much later in the year. The 'Autumn' bed in the Four Seasons Garden has been invaded by couch grass and will have to be totally cleared this year to make way for a new planting scheme. The replanting of the Pavilions will continue with work in the East Ridge & Furrow this year. The area of Heritage Garden outside the Reception office is going to be redesigned with more exciting plants. After the demise of several plants in the previous two winters, new trees and shrubs, including a Paulownia tomentosa, will be planted in the Victorian Garden. Sections of the AGM Borders will be cleared and replanted. Add in routine maintenance for the whole Gardens - and it's going to be a busy year for Ian's team of staff and volunteers!

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