FOBS Photos 2019


Members are invited to submit photographs of a botanical/horticultural nature, particularly ones relating to the Sheffield Botanical Gardens.
Please note: 'When', 'What', 'Where' & 'Who'
The date of the photo, the name of the plant the scientific one if possible, the locality (specific area if within the SB Gardens), and the name of the photographer should be included on each jpg file name.
Example: 20160111_erica_lusitanica_asia_garden_ahunter
The entire FOBS photo archive (not all online) consists of thousands of images and it is essential that each picture can be be filed for easy retrieval and the copyright correctly assigned.
Picture file size between 1 and 2MB is perfectly adequate for most purposes.

See also: National Collection of Weigelas and Diervillas

Please send your 2019 photos to FOBS Photo Manager


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